What I’m Grateful for

November 19, 2020

I know when we were kids, we would do statements related to the letters of the word thanks, and so I just wrote one. T is for the traditions we hold dear in our hearts. H is for good health, which we strive for and cherish in every way. A is for our attitude and appreciation for the things we have today. N is for the neediness that people have during this time of the pandemic. How can we support them at this time? K is for the kindness we spread to everyone, to friends, family, and strangers we do not know. S is for the simple gifts we share on this Thanksgiving day and always.

So that’s my poem. This week, I was attending another Zoom meeting and there was a lady on there who was also in the meeting. And she said to put your hand over your heart and be grateful for all the work it’s done all these years for you. And so little did she know I was leaving early to go to a cardiologist appointment, and I’ve had some heart issues where my heart hasn’t been in rhythm, and so they’ve done cardioversions. And then this newest doctor did an ablation, which means they laser the parts that are giving problems.

And my heart is now in rhythm, it’s been in rhythm since December, and so I appreciate all the doctors, as well as my heart getting all better. So that’s that. I did hear there has been, you know, the food reliance and all that. So one of our grocery stores here had soups and vegetables and pasta that was on sale so I went, I got some stuff and took it to the food pantry, so that people could have, you know, help with Thanksgiving dinner and later on.

I’m thankful for all these Zoom calls, whether it’s ukulele lessons, or coming here, or going to support groups, or folk dancing. It has made me have a good attitude and it’s gotten me through this. So this has been really, really, really important to me, and I think a lot of people too, there are places I would’ve never gone to.

In fact, on Thanksgiving, I’m very grateful for my brother. He’s the last one, well, besides my nephew and his family in this area, that’s still alive besides my cousin. So he’s been a big support if I need something or whatever …. he lives in the same town as I do. We talk often, several times a week, so I’m very appreciative of him. He works at a hospital in the supply area, so he thinks that some of these people that are working aren’t as safe with this COVID situation. So he’s not going to come over for Thanksgiving, and I’m not going to go to my relatives for Thanksgiving either because that’s what we usually do.

But due to Zoom, when my sister was alive for the Thanksgiving weekend, she would go to a folk dance camp in San Antonio because she lived in Austin, Texas. So once on Thanksgiving, there was going to be a folk dance weekend. And one of the first ones she went to, there was a great teacher. And once, you know, he’s teaching, and she bought me a CD at the time. I didn’t know any of the dances. And I had taken classes with him up here, and the last time I took it with him I sprained my ankle, and they had to take me in the ambulance to the hospital. So he’s not the best, but it’s good.

The other thing is that we would always have a family picture. When my relatives from Texas would come or whatever, we’d always have to have a family picture on the stairs. So that’s our house in Skokie, it’s 100 years old. I’m not moving, the house is transferred into my name, and I enjoy living there and I don’t want to move.