What We Do

Life Story Club organizes small social clubs for older adults to share life stories, to foster connections and enhance a sense of belonging and purpose.

Life Story Club is a social storytelling space designed to bring people together – over Zoom or phone – to exchange life stories and spark connection. These clubs are offered in multiple languages.



Each week, the Life Story Club facilitator offers up two prompts. For example,


Life Story Club members take turns responding to the prompts, sharing short life stories.


Club members are given the opportunity to record and preserve their stories together on special club recording days.


Story transcriptions and voice recordings are uploaded by facilitators to our digital Life Story Library.


Club members are given support to easily share their stories with friends and family.


Healthcare Settings

We partner with healthcare providers and care teams to connect individuals who are at risk of loneliness and social isolation to a club that fits their needs. We conduct presentations and share informational materials for providers, older adults and their caregivers. To learn more, please contact Robin Chamberlain, Director of Operations & Partnerships.

Our Process


Fill out our
Referral Form for a patient.


Participant will receive
a Welcome Call from our onboarding team to help match them with the right club.


Participant meets weekly with their club over Zoom or over the phone.


Referral partner receives a monthly partner email update which includes client/patient attendance.

Community Organizations:

We work with community-based organizations such as N.O.R.C.s (Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities), Public Libraries, Settlement Houses, and Senior Centers to set up Life Story Clubs for their communities. To learn more, please contact our Director of Operations & Partnerships.

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We Strive for Technology Inclusiveness

We offer both phone-based and video-based groups for our members, depending on their preferences and skill level. Our phone-based groups include patch-in assistance to make joining even easier!

We Offer Multiple
Language Options

Clubs are currently offered in English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

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