Wondrous Nature

Jan 6, 2020

Well, having grown up in the East and going to school in the East, to me, mountains where the Catskills and the Adirondacks, and in Massachusetts, Mount Tom, Mount Holyoke. And when we moved to Colorado and started driving up to Vail and Aspen, and I saw the Rockies for the first time. That was amazing. To me, great scenery was the ocean and the minor mountains, but the Rockies were just unbelievable. And as many years as we were living out there and drove through them, I never got over the spectacle of them.

I lived in Colorado in the 70’s. We had a ski place in Vail and we lived in Denver. And a friend of ours was a building manager in Vail and we got an apartment from him. So we went up there right away, and we went out there for a number of years until I moved back to the East. We went skiing in the winter and vacationing in the summer. It was just an all year round, wonderful thing. But the Rockies were spectacular. And the mountains were even more beautiful in the summer, with the wild flowers and the aspens and it was beautiful. It’s dry up there, so you don’t really get the heat. And in the winter too, we had a heated pool at our condominium and we would swim in the winter. It was outdoors and the pool was heated, but we’d get out of the pool and it was so dry, you weren’t really that cold until you put a robe on or something. It was bearable.

East Coast skiing is very different. We stopped skiing on the East Coast because it was just not challenging enough. Oh yeah, I’m a black diamond skier!