Work Life

Oct 15, 2019

Every day was that same day, the same thing. I had to get up early, and just get to work. I got my, the most extraordinary days, was the day that I retire. Because I was working since I was 14. I went to school and working at the same time. 

There was only a period of my time in my life that I didn’t work, it was when I got married. As soon as I became pregnant for my first daughter, my husband didn’t let me go to work. He didn’t let me go to work. He didn’t let me do nothing. So, as soon as I divorce him, I went back to school and to work. I went back to school in the ’70s, in ’76 again.

What was your first job at age 14?

Oh, I was working in a pharmacy, but not with the pharmacy. It was a pharmacy that had like a coffee shop. And I used to prepare the eggs and things, and sandwiches for the people that would come in. That was my first job.

And then my last one was with the school. Yes. I was a … oh my God, I forgot. I was working with the PSSD group. What is that group that worked with the special ed kids? And I was working with a psychology and the social worker. Social worker. Yeah, we’ll work it out. So that’s when… I retired from that. I did nine years with that.

Nine years. So what was the most rewarding job that you had?

That. The last one. The last one. Because I got to work with the kids, and I used to go to the houses then, and investigate why didn’t come to school. Why they come late, while the kids were… You know, to me, it was more rewarding, because I knew that I was helping someone. And I would get to find out why some time the kid won’t come to school for two or three days, and we had to go to the house. I had to go to the house and find out why. And then come and tell the social worker and the psychologist why they wasn’t coming, and to investigate, continue investigating, little by little, the roots of what was going on. So, it was great.

Is it because the family environment was not good? 

Well, sometime, not the environment, but well sometime it was because the parent was young mother. And she was too lazy to get up in the morning. And, or if they wasn’t bus, the kids were busing, it was because they would get up too late to put them on the bus. And then they were too lazy to bring them, to walk them, or to bring them themselves. So that was with the pre-k kids. So, they late sometimes because the parents were working, and they would leave the kid with somebody else to wait, and the person they would never bring them. Or the kids didn’t want to come for whatever reason they didn’t want to come, and they would tell them, “Oh, you don’t have to go, because they don’t. It’s okay, it’s pre-k.” So they didn’t have to enforce the kid that they have to get up and make the effort to get to school. So yeah. That was the one I like the most.

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