Young Trouble

Dec 2, 2019

My mother was standing ironing in the kitchen and a friend of mine and I walked in and watched her. And she said, “Ruth. Look what I found in your closet”. And it was a cigarette. I was old enough…I don’t smoke now. Believe me I realize that it was a mistake. To her that was a crime. It wasn’t a whole pack of cigarettes, no it was just one. She found it on my closet floor. I didn’t hide it well.

Well, it was Priscilla that was standing with me, said, “I’m going to get out of here”. It wasn’t her cigarette, it was mine. But Priscilla wasn’t very much help. I mean, she didn’t really give me much back up.

I kept smoking after. Oh yeah. In nursing everybody smoked. You had a room called a smoker. Smoked a long time. For years until a guy said how bad it was for you and made a public announcement. Surgeon General. Then I stopped. Everybody smoked especially in nursing, I was a student nurse.

Then I just made up my mind to quit. Because I was really convinced that it was a bad thing. And I was all right for ten years. I had a ten year. Time. Break. After that, I wouldn’t get cancer or anything just for all the years I did smoke. It hadn’t done me any harm.

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