Young Trouble

Dec 2, 2019

Well, I sort of try to stay out of the trouble, but I got into trouble anyway.

It’s a carefree life, especially when we moved from Flatbush to here because we have a park right around the corner and I was without a day unless it was pouring rain or a snow storm. My mother and my little brother, we took off to the park and that was a big playground. Do anything and everything you wanted. It was a wonderland in it’s own way.

And that’s my memories of, you know, early childhood, was Prospect Park and my mother taking me up there and the kids from the neighborhood being there. Oh, it was really… It was much different from Flatbush, when they were downstairs in front of the apartment house we lived in for a while but didn’t have the freedom or the free-for-all that the park provided.

And then there was the zoo and there were other things to see. You were always exploring. It was like a big, unbelievable…Well that was the great thing about it. I always used to walk the block. It was on Eighth Avenue and Union, just make a turn at the corner. You’re in the park. Yeah. Couldn’t get any closer.

Oh, the merry-go-round. Yeah, there was a merry-go-round. From my childhood. I don’t remember if they had the Olmsted House. I remember just openness.The openness. The fact that you grew up where there were apartment buildings around there and suddenly you’re like transposed to this place where it’s just open. You could run everywhere, north, south, east and west. And that was the excitement of going there. Just being in that openness and being able to run around and not have to worry about this or that.

No I never got in trouble in the park, not that I remember. I try to stay away from trouble. No running away, just running in the park. That was as far as I would run, in the park. Cause I wanted to get home too. It was nothing like home and turning the radio and listening to the radio at night. I was a big radio fan. Well, they’re all in, you know, serial programs that were, that you know, you sort of follow them like when the comic strips…The Lone Ranger was on. Yeah. And there were others. Radio was a great outlet. Ideas and…listening to, sometimes like hearing the president of the United States was interesting. It was FDR then.

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