Young Trouble

Dec 2, 2019

I wasn’t allowed to go out too much. I had to stay home with my mother. And if I don’t, I would leave to go to the stores around and then I couldn’t go far. I was always, I had to be there.

My mother was very protective. She used to tell me, “Don’t do it. You’re going to get hurt. They going to hit you, ” And then she would be at the window, she was watching me. So, I thank God that’s over. I lived in Bushwick. The neighborhood was safe. My mother was … I was a girl, and you got to watch this and that, and you notice stuff like this, so I had to do that.

I had some friends in school. And they might come over home to play. But otherwise, nothing. I was always alone. She was trying to protect me from people. You know she figured then and then, you’re going to get hurt, and you’re going to get killed and this and that so…she was Italian. She use to always say, “You’re not going out with this one and that one because this and that. Because she knew I was too friendly to anyone. So, she figured that maybe they’re going to hurt you that way. Just because at that time they wanted to see who you could hurt and everything. So, thank God for that.

I’m thankful for her for that, yes, because I don’t have that fear because, in school, it was in school and I had to come home and I use to cry because I’d come home and she knew maybe something happened to me. Some kids bullying…And that’s why I wasn’t so, too friendly with any of the people around me. Even the youngsters, the kids . I couldn’t do that and I couldn’t go out if I wanted to go out with them. They were going, “You want to come?” I said, “No. I can’t,” I says. Because, she use to think I was going to get hurt. So, the Italians are that way. They are that way.

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