Young Trouble

Dec 2, 2019

I don’t remember getting in trouble. I remember my brother and my sister used to give me trouble. They’d hurt me, so I would hurt them. I was their big sister. They did more to me than I did to them. I don’t remember harming them.

One time, I was making honey candy. And my sister, she come over to stir it, and it burned her. And she threw the spoon and burned me, my foot and everything. But it wasn’t all that bad. It was bad enough when I felt it though. Things like that.

Another time…we used to have grass I’d play on on the side of the house. And my brother was coming around the corner I guess, and he sailed this piece of glass and hit me right there. He didn’t do it deliberately. He did it playing. He was playing and he just threw it, and it came straight to me. I was on the grass bed. It cut me on the mouth.

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