Young Trouble

Feb 5, 2020

When I was five or six year old I used to climb up to the fruit trees. I would want to pick the fruit but the branch would break off and I couldn’t get the fruit of the tree. And I would fall down and hurt my knees and elbow.

Then some other times here in New York. I had a Labrador retriever and I was walking down 2nd Avenue, 84th, I think. and crossing the street with the dog. The dog is kind of alone and two bikes pass by, one this way, one that way, totally in the back. I think my dog was hurt from the bike. I closed my eyes and the bikes passed through. When I opened the eyes, the dog looked to me and I looked down. Nothing happened.

That is the trouble. But you know, if you have a pet, you have to take care with you have a lot of responsibility, because they don’t know, taking. They don’t to save themselves.

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