Young Trouble

Oct 25, 2019

Thank God I didn’t burn the family house down…But I used to get in trouble for a lot of things, I used to love to wander around and that was considered a no no in those days. In the 1950s they didn’t like you doing that. And I didn’t…it wasn’t like I was talking to anyone…

But like breaking glass…. Little boys seemed to like to do that. It’s not just a me thing. I noticed a lot of little boys seem to like to break bottles. And at that time all soda and all beer was put in glass bottles. There was no plastic, so we used to do that. And that got us into trouble.

And also we weren’t supposed to speak to a certain family because they were not of the right calibre that my family felt – they were French Catholic and I don’t know, I don’t know exactly what the issue was. But I remember that I got smacked for going to visit them. But he was in my school and in my grade. So I didn’t understand that.

But I think those are the events that got me into trouble way back when. Oh you know what, that didn’t start until nineteen eighty – Don’t hit children. In my day, every kid got smacked. Oh yeah. And sometimes not just with the hand, they got smacked with the belt, the broomstick, the shoe …anything. In my day, I would have been dead by the time the police came.

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