Young Trouble

Oct 25, 2019

Oh I don’t know where to begin, so many things. School – we used to play, throw rocks at glass windows, play softball, hit windows. You know, I mean, you runnin’ in and out, playing with each other, in and out of each other’s houses. You know it’s just a bunch of stuff that we used to do. And like he said, we used to get hit for it, but I think now today there’s somewhat sensitivity for that stuff you know. It’s on both sides there’s some abuses and some ain’t, some  just chastised kids, but it’s a thin line. 

But I used to get mostly in trouble for, probably just doing stuff I shouldn’t be doing, throwing rocks or playing in somebody’s house when it shouldn’t be, and knocked down something and break it. But at that time you know people didn’t have a lot of money. So you break somebody’s stuff and they had come out their pockets for it, you know your mother…. That was trouble because they didn’t have really the money to afford to pay extra for something, you know probably was used anyway, but nevertheless you had to pay for it. You know especially windows. When you’re kids coming up like, young kids, you know back probably in the 50s 60s when you’re young. You know, when you get a little older, you end up with girls then. When you headed to high school you’re not throwing rocks. You know you’re in different trouble then. Another story…

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