Young Trouble

Oct 25, 2019

My problem was that you know I love to dance. I love to dance since I with little so in Puerto Rico, they have little houses, and anywhere I heard music I would crash the party and my family didn’t know where I was, they’d be looking for me. So one uncle said of this music somewhere, she’s there. So they would go over there and take me out of there. One day I got very angry because I was having so much fun dancing fast fast. So I climbed up a tree and I stayed there till nighttime and then we’re looking for me. I was looking down at them and I was all over like a monkey, all the way up. I have a grandson who does that, he climbs, he takes after me, he’s got a monkey trade about him… And I was looking down at them. And it was nighttime and they were going crazy. They said, “Oh she’s taking advantage, she’s taking revenge.” My uncle, my aunt, my mother, my father, everybody, and my two brothers, were looking for me. Everybody was looking for me till I decide to come down. And then when I came down then they gave me a little spanking. I used to do that quite often. Go dancing, crash a party. It was worth it. I still dance, I still love to dance. 

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