Young Trouble

Oct 25, 2019

I was very quiet. I loved the people that I lived with. And I really never got in trouble. Oh I had a white mouse, as a pet. I had 24 chihuahua’s. They were a pound and a quarter each. In those days, you know you could get on a plane and I’d put my chihuahua under my coat and get on the plane and put him in my lap. But today you couldn’t get away with that with so much security. But it wasm it was fun. I travelled the world with them. I didn’t put them in my handbag, just under my arm. Clutching them under my arm. 

Did they get in trouble? 

No. They were very well-behaved and they you know they sit in my lap and they love going with me. It was fun for both of us. I lived in London for three and a half years. But that London has very, very bad climate. Yeah. Oh it’s terrible. It was still fun. You know. I had a horse that was named after me and she won at Royal Ascot. And I led her into the winner’s circle. But unfortunately she died having twins. Oh yes. But while she lived she had a very good life and she was beautiful. But I love animals. I’ve always been surrounded with lots of animals. Chickens. On the farm, we had a peckin’ chickens. Truthfully when they got cooked up, they were delicious. I felt bad about it. But not too bad.

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