Young Trouble

Oct 8, 2019

As a young child, I was quite..I didn’t get into too much trouble. I only remember one incident. You know that water fountain at school where everyone gets their water before classes started. I remember this girl saying, “Your momma called ya, your momma called ya.” My mother was in New York. So she did this in order for her to get her water. I remember that was a bad thing I was doing. Other than that, I didn’t get into too much trouble, I was quiet. I had older sisters that would fight for me. Whether I was in trouble or not. If she thought somebody would bother me, she’d get up. I told her ain’t nobody bother me but she believed that somebody bothered me – she was a little overprotective. She would defend me, but I wasn’t in no trouble! I was mindin’ my own business, I was quiet.

But at school, I didn’t want to look like, I wanted to prove to them that I was bad. The teacher would tell us to get out the line, get your homework, bring it here. I wanted to let the other kids know that I wasn’t a teacher’s pet. Well I didn’t want them to know I had my homework. So I would hide my homework. At that time, they would line you up if you didn’t have your homework and hold out your hand, right? So, I lined up with the rest of them that didn’t have their homework. But then she knew that I had my homework so she pushed me out of the line. She told me, go and get your homework! Then I felt bad, other people were going to beat me up. It was all about image..yeah, yeah.

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